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Dog Dad Gifts For New Dog Owners

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A thoughtful dog present for a potential dog owner would be warmly appreciated. The country currently has 78.2 million dogs and that figure is continuing to rise. Of course we all know somebody who is welcoming this latest canine addition to their family. Recognizing their latest dog with a present will probably make the user satisfied. It does not have to be costly – it is the thinking that counts.Learn more about them at dog dad gifts.

These principles can be clear to anyone who already possess a puppy. Here is a list for all that may not, which might be useful.

1) It still accepts toys. When a new puppy is introduced, chewing toys and dental bones are highly enjoyed.

2) A treat container loaded with yummy dog treats can illuminate your friend’s kitchen. You may also personalise any treat cans.

3) As a dog treat, a dog collar crafted from nylon or good quality soft leather is a perfect option. You may require the dog’s neck measurement. It should have ample space for expansion, but it’s not too high now. A few of the fingertips must be able to slide between the collar and the neck of the puppy.

4) A dog lead would be required and accepted at all times. A wide number of choices are open. The finest is silk or a cotton weave. A leather leash may last longer, but a young puppy is responsible for chewing it and it is still very rigid at first. For puppies, keep away from chain leashes.

5) A dog bag is still a true need and is a great present for pets. It can be used while they are empty and full to carry the dog poop sacks. Be sure you select one that can be connected to either the collar or the owner’s belt-loops. It can come in different sizes and provide room for a tiny container of hand sanitizer as well.

6) There would be two dog bowls needed – one for food and one for drink. Stainless steel bowls are the perfect alternative. They are easy to clean because they are indestructible, which ensures dogs can not eat them.

7) A dog bed provides a range of alternatives. Those that are packed with poly-beads are the simplest to wash. This task is rendered much simpler by a bed with a removable outer cover.

8) You will still require and love a nail trimming kit. It is necessary to ensure that the set contains guidance for nail trimming for dogs.

9) For all owners a fashion conscience, clothing for the new dog would be a wonderful welcoming present. It is very unbelievable the variety of dog clothes now affordable. They vary from plain t-shirts and sweaters to NFL uniforms and even protective vests. Get a little fun with your range of dog products.

10) Certain dog owners who you meet can enjoy dog jewellery, including necklaces, hairpins, and charms to add to the collar.

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Ideal Gifts For Dog Lovers

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If you meet somebody who enjoys their dog, as I’m sure you do, they’ll most definitely enjoy purchasing a thoughtful present, either for their dog, or a doggie-themed gift for the dog owner himself. Here are a few options for some awesome dog inspired presents that they’re going to enjoy, so they’re not going to break the bank.

There are some great dog portrait photographers out there such as Mike Sibley and Robert J May, who have a broad variety of art prints available showcasing several of the famous breeds from Afghan to Westies. Dog Inspired Artwork and Prints When assembled and framed for wall hanging, these look amazing, and make very unique presents. There are also several stunning prints and posters, as well as original drawings and artworks available in different designs and sizes, including statues and ornaments that will fit fantastic on a show cabinet for dog lovers.

T-Shirts – There are thousands of fantastic dog-style t-shirts. From dog faces and photos, to dog slogans, and I Love My Dog t-shirts, the designs are eclectic and vibrant. All are perfect treats for the owner of the puppy, which can be priced fairly.

Personalised Presents – You can now personalise products. In reality, almost every thing you may think of ranges from a key-ring to a wide wall-sized canvas poster, mugs, mouse-mats, coasters, place-mats, t-shirts, bags. To create a long-lasting and genuinely personal present, you should have a high quality photo of the cherished pet, along with a suitable text message, turned into each of these pieces. It does not cost a lot to make the finest of all these styles of presents.

Dog Toys – One of a dog owner’s most obvious gift options is a nice treat for their dog. There are other great things from pull-toys about that can be tugged on by their puppies, squeaky toys that create a racket, or balls and throw toys that are great for exercise. Buy a durable enough dog toy to last with the breed your dog owner owns.

Calendar – A plain calendar is still a perfect bet with pictures of your dog lover’s favourite breed. Or, go a little further and get a personal calendar of their dog pictures created.

Gift Coupons – Vouchers are perfect since they encourage the owner of the dog to afford the things they choose for themselves or their pets. You might purchase a coupon from one of the major pet shops, or from a small retailer, so they can spoil the rotten pooch.

Dog Grooming Session – With a professional grooming session with a nearby dog grooming salon or mobile grooming van, why not pamper your dog? To see their best friend appear perfectly stunning might be a quick clipping, or a complete makeover session.

Photographic Session – For a canine enthusiast, a photographic session is a perfect present. For years to come, you might get their pet immortalised in print as a memento. To include the cat, you may have a simple snapshot shot or plan a family session, or have pictures taken out and about in the countryside or forest.

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